Nvidia stock price prediction 2025,2030,2040,2050 & 2055

Nvidia Corporation, which trades on the stock market under the symbol NVDA, is a significant player in the technology industry.

Its name is backed up by its cutting-edge graphics processing units (GPUs), which are used by both professionals and gamers.

Since its founding in 1993, Nvidia has expanded its business beyond graphics processing units (GPUs) into the data centre and car markets, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies.

A wide range of computing systems, from personal laptops to high-performance supercomputers, are based on its ground-breaking innovations.

Nvidia is at the heart of the rapidly growing fields of AI and machine learning, and it continues to drive giant technological advances.

This article will discuss fintechzoom NVIDIA stock price prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2055. We will forecast Nvidia share price based on our AI, Fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

Nvidia Company Overview

Aspect Description
📅 Founded April 5, 1993
👥 Founders Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky
🏢 Industry Computer hardware, software, cloud computing, semiconductors, AI, Data Centers, Robotics, Quantum Computing
📍 Headquarters Santa Clara, California, U.S.
🛠️ Products GPUs, CPUs, chipsets, drivers, collaborative software
👩‍💼 Key People Jensen Huang (CEO), Bill Dally (Chief Scientist)
💰 Revenue (FY 2024) US$66.82 billion
💼 Operating Income (FY 2024) US$34.69 billion
💹 Net Income (FY 2024) US$22.68 billion
📈 Ticker Symbol NVDA
🏛️ Listed Exchanges NASDAQ
Website https://www.nvidia.com/en-in/

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The numbers for NVIDIA’s finances show substantial progress. In Q3, revenue jumped 21.98%, year-over-year it raised 265.28%, and net income raised 32.91%.

It went up by 33.38% from one period to the next and by 650.10% from one year to the next. However, a P/E ratio of 73.02 says that the stock might be too expensive, which could make investors less excited.

Insiders selling shares also mean they don’t think the market will grow or that they believe it is worth more than it is worth.

Nvidia stock price prediction
Nvidia stock price Chart Credit: TradingView

Nvidia fundamental overview

Metric Value
Market Cap $22B
Revenue (ttm) $62.02B
Net Income (ttm) $28.78B
Shares Out 2.50B
EPS (ttm) $11.93
P/E Ratio 74.59
Forward P/E 40.63
Dividend $0.16 (0.02%)
Ex-Dividend Date Mar 5, 2024
Volume 43,660,000
Revenue per Employee $2,325,622

Nvidia stock price forecast 2024,2025,2030,2040,2050 and 2055

YearPrice Target


Nvidia Stock Prediction between 2025 and 2032.

fintechzoom Nvidia stock price prediction 2024

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2024 
2024$1,224 to $1,371 

Based on our analysis, we estimate a range of $1220 to $1301 by year-end. This means we are on the bullish side of Nvidia’s share. It has the scope to jump 103% to 108% from current levels.

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Nvidia stock price prediction 2025

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2025
2025$1,352 to $2,708

Some analysts think Nvidia’s stock will continue rising in 2025. They predict it could reach anywhere from $1,352 to $2,708 by the end of the year, a considerable increase of 170% to 220% from its current level.

Nvidia stock price forecast 2027

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2027
2027$1,552 to $2,908

Based on our fundamental and technical analysis, it could touch the higher side in a bullish trend. The upper range may be from $1,552 to $2,908.

Nvidia stock price prediction 2030

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2030
2030$1,840 to $6493

Our analysts expect Nvidia to experience substantial growth, with projected prices ranging between $1840 and $6,493 by 2030.

These forecasts take into account factors such as ongoing advancements in AI, data centres, and the metaverse, all of which are areas where Nvidia holds significant influence.

Nvidia stock price forecast 2040

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2040
2040$3143 to $15405

Nvidia’s share price in 2040 could show a bullish trend, and the range could be $3143 to $15405.

Nvidia stock price prediction 2050

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2050
2050$9023 to $25054

Our system shows a range from $9023 to $ 25054 for Nvidia target price in 2050.

Nvidia stock price prediction 2055

Year Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2055
2055$9845 to $27600

nvidia stock quick analysis overview

Nvidia Stock Balance Sheet

 Q1 ’24 (USD)QoQ
Total Assets$65.7B21.4%
Total Liabilities$22.8B8.9%
Total Equity$43B29.2%
Shares Outstanding$2.46B0.2%

Nvidia Stock Cash Flow

 Q1 ’24 (USD)QoQ
Cash from Operations$11.5B56.8%
Cash from Investing-$6.11B92.7%
Cash from Financing-$3.63B19.8%

Does Nvidia stock split?

On July 20, 2021, Nvidia conducted a stock split, giving each shareholder 4 shares instead of one. This resulted in more shares but the total value remained constant.

The share price decreased by a quarter, a common practice to make stock prices more reasonable for investors. However, this does not indicate the company’s financial health.

Does Nvidia pay dividends to shareholders?

NVIDIA pays dividends annually of $0.16 per share. This dividend is spread quarterly, with th most updated ex-dividend date being March 5, 2024.

Information Value
Payout Frequency Quarterly
Ex-Dividend Date March 5, 2024
Annual Dividend $0.16
Dividend Yield 0.02%
Payout Ratio 1.34%
Dividend Growth n/a

Nvidia Share Dividend history

Ex-Dividend Date Cash Amount Record Date Pay Date
Mar 5, 2024 $0.040 Mar 6, 2024 Mar 27, 2024
Dec 5, 2023 $0.040 Dec 6, 2023 Dec 28, 2023
Sep 6, 2023 $0.040 Sep 7, 2023 Sep 28, 2023
Jun 7, 2023 $0.040 Jun 8, 2023 Jun 30, 2023
Mar 7, 2023 $0.040 Mar 8, 2023 Mar 29, 2023

FAQ'S : NVIDIA stock price forecast

Is it reasonable to buy Nvidia stock now?

🚀 NVDA Stock Alert! 🚀

when it comes to NVIDIA (ticker: NVDA), alternative data suggests a cautious approach. 🛑 While there are some positive signs, it’s recommended to maintain a hold position for now.🤔 However, remember that this isn’t financial advice, just a friendly heads-up! 💡

Is NIVDIA stock A Buy, Sell Or Hold?

Based on our analysis and fundamental Data, NVIDIA stock is on hold.

What Is The Target Price For NVIDIA Stock?

🚀 **NVDA Target Price Alert!** 🎯

An AI target price of $900.79 has been set for NVIDIA (NVDA) in the short term. 🎯 This projection considers various factors: strong financial fundamentals, high employee satisfaction, and a positive business outlook among the company’s employees. 💼 These factors contribute to the optimistic target price. 📈

Where will Nvidia stock be in the next 10 years?

TimelineTarget YearPrice Forecast
1 Year2025$1352
2 Years2026$1423
3 Years2027$1552
5 Years2029$1640
10 Years2034$9394
15 Years2039$15405

What Is The NViDiA Price Prediction For 2025?

According to market sentiment and our technical analysis, the stock will continue in a very bullish trend and could reach a high of $1352.

How much is the expected NVIDIA share price in 2030?"

Expected NVIDIA share prices ranging between $1840 and $6,493 by 2030.

Disclaimer: Hello Readers Kindly be informed that these stock price forecasts are derived from a combination of factors such as historical performance, fundamentals, technical indicators, and market trends. They are provided just for informational purposes and do not include financial advice or guarantees.

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