fintechzoom GE Stock Exclusive Analysis:A Complete Review in 2024

General Electric Co (NYSE: GE) has been a big name in American industry for a long time. Its stock price on May 20, 2024, is USD 159.28, which is a huge jump of 2,833.33% from its lowest point. 

Fintechzoom GE stock analysis looks closely at how GE’s stock is doing, how financially healthy the company is, GE stock price forecast and what might be in store for its future.

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Current GE Stock Performance

GE stock Market Summary

  • Current Stock Price:¬†USD 159.28
  • All-Time High:¬†+$153.85 (2,833.33%)

GE’s stock has been doing really well, showing strong growth and making investors feel confident.

today GE stock Performance

  • Opening Price:¬†$159.92
  • Day’s High:¬†$161.42
  • Day’s Low:¬†$158.82

On May 20, 2024, GE’s stock started strong at $159.92, went as high as $161.42, hit a low of $158.82, and closed a bit lower than where it began.

Historical fintechzoom GE Stock Performance

Looking back at GE’s stock over the years:

  • 1990s Boom:¬†GE’s stock soared in the late 1990s, hitting its highest point around 2000.
  • Early 2000s Decline:¬†Then it went through a tough time in the early 2000s, along with the broader market.
  • Stabilization:¬†From 2004 to 2020, the stock was mostly steady, with some ups and downs.
  • Recent Surge:¬†Recently, GE’s stock has shot up, showing a strong recovery and getting investors excited.

fintechzoom GE stock Live Chart

GE Financial Metrics

MetricValue (USD)
Revenue$78.6 billion
Net Income$5.6 billion
Total Assets$245 billion
Total Liabilities$185 billion
Operating Cash Flow$10.2 billion
Free Cash Flow$8.5 billion
Market Capitalization$17.43 trillion

GE Market Capitalization

  • Market Cap:¬†17.43 trillion USD

This number shows how big GE is in the industrial sector, making it a major player globally.

GE Valuation Ratios

  • Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio:¬†52.19

A P/E ratio of 52.19 means investors are willing to pay a lot for GE’s earnings, suggesting they expect big growth in the future. But it also means being careful, as high ratios can sometimes mean the stock is too pricey.

GE Dividend Yield

  • Dividend Yield:¬†0.70%

GE gives back a small portion of its earnings to shareholders as dividends, showing it values its investors.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Metrics

  • CDP Score:¬†C

GE gets a C grade for its efforts in managing its environmental impact. It’s okay, but there’s room to do better, especially as more investors care about these things.

GE Recent Performance Highlights

  • 52-Week High:¬†$170.80
  • 52-Week Low:¬†$79.52

GE’s stock has been all over the place in the last year, more than doubling in Price. This shows how fast things can change in the market.

GE stock Revenue Breakdown by Segment

SegmentRevenue (USD)
Aviation$32.4 billion
Healthcare$19.3 billion
Renewable Energy$15.2 billion
Power$11.7 billion

GE Yearly Financial Performance (2019-2023)

YearRevenue (USD)Net Income (USD)Operating Cash Flow (USD)Free Cash Flow (USD)
2019$95.2 billion$3.9 billion$9.8 billion$7.2 billion
2020$79.6 billion$5.2 billion$9.0 billion$6.8 billion
2021$75.8 billion$5.3 billion$9.5 billion$7.0 billion
2022$77.1 billion$5.5 billion$9.7 billion$7.5 billion
2023$78.6 billion$5.6 billion$10.2 billion$8.5 billion

Forecast Methodology

The following forecast is based on several assumptions:

  • Continued innovation and adaptation to market demands.
  • Steady growth in its diversified portfolio.
  • Expansion in global markets and strategic partnerships.
  • Commitment to sustainability and ESG factors.
  • Historical performance trends and market volatility.

fintechzoom GE stock price prediction 2024,2025,2030,2040,2050 and 2055

Year GE Forecasted Stock Price (USD) Projected Growth (%)
2024 $175.00 10.06%
2025 $192.50 21.07%
2026 $211.75 33.18%
2027 $232.93 46.47%
2028 $256.22 61.22%
2029 $281.84 77.28%
2030 $309.92 94.97%
2035 $500.00 214.47%
2040 $800.00 403.77%
2045 $1,280.00 704.40%
2050 $2,048.00 1187.42%
2055 $3,276.80 1960.25%

6 reasons and Growth Factors to invest in GE stock

General Electric Co (GE) shows promising signs for investors:

  1. Diversified Business: GE operates in various sectors, including aviation, healthcare, renewable energy, and more. This diversification can help it weather economic downturns and capitalize on growth opportunities in different industries.
  2. Innovation and Technology: GE has a long history of innovation, consistently developing new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Its focus on research and development keeps it relevant in rapidly evolving markets.
  3. Global Presence: With operations in numerous countries worldwide, GE benefits from a broad geographic footprint. This international presence provides stability and access to diverse markets, reducing dependency on any single region.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: GE has established strategic partnerships with other leading companies, enhancing its market position and fostering collaboration in key areas such as digitalization and sustainability.
  5. Transition to Renewable Energy:¬†As the world moves towards cleaner energy sources, GE’s investments in renewable energy technologies position it well to capitalize on this shift. Its wind, solar, and hydro solutions align with growing environmental consciousness and government initiatives supporting clean energy.
  6. Resilience and Adaptability: Despite facing challenges in the past, GE has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, successfully navigating turbulent times and emerging stronger. This track record instills confidence in its ability to overcome obstacles and thrive in dynamic market conditions.

How Much Will GE Stock Be Worth In 10 Years?

As per fintechzoom stock analysis, GE stock will have a chance to perform well in the long-term forecast, and we can predict $494.02 in the next 10 years.

Can GE Stock Price Reach $1000?

GE stock has the full potential to reach $1000. And we can expect the GE stock price to be $100 around 2040. That means in the next 15 years. 


GE’s stock has been on a roll lately, showing strong growth and resilience. With a big market cap, a high P/E ratio pointing to future development, and a commitment to paying dividends, GE is a good bet. But keep in mind the small dividend yield and the company’s average environmental score. As GE keeps up with changes in the industry, staying informed will help investors make smart choices.

FAQ's-fintechzoom GE stock

Is GE (GE: NYSE) a good stock to buy?

Yes, it is a good stock, current year, GE stock started at $101.29, and today’s stock price is $160.65.The GE stock is having a +53.38% growth year on today. We can expect a fantastic increase in GE stock price in the coming years.

What Will The GE Stock Price Be Tomorrow?

GE¬†stock is trading today at $160.85, increasing by +0.95% from yesterday’s close price. We can predict that it will break the previous day’s high, and the¬†GE¬†price target for Tomorrow is $163.21.

What Will The GE Stock Price Target Be For 2024?

According to our¬†fintechzoom data¬†and technical analysis,¬†GE’s¬†stock price target is $175.00 in 2024.

Will GE Stock Price Go Up?

Yes, GE’s price may go up; it is¬†currently trading at $$160.85, and it is at trendline resistance; if it breaks, it may be in a bullish trend.

What Will The GE Stock Price Target Be For 2025?

Based on¬†fintechzoom GE stock¬†analysis,¬†GE’s¬†stock price target is $192.50 in 2024.

Disclaimer: Hello traders/Investors, the above information is not financial advice or an investment recommendation. It is my personal experience and educational purpose only. Please consult your financial advisor to invest before in any stocks.

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