fintechzoom Disney stock price prediction 2025 | Disney forecast 2024,2025,2030,2040 & 2055

Welcome to another trending stock Disney price forecast in the entertainment zone. Everyone needs entertainment in their daily lives, in any form, but nowadays, digital entertainment is consumed a lot.

So, we can expect incredible growth in Disney’s stock price. Will discuss in detail the Disney stock price prediction 2025 and also provide long-term forecasts for 2024,2025,2026,2027,2030,2040,2050, and 2055.

Also will covered in this blog,

  • Will Disney’s stock price reach $1000?
  • How much will Disney’s stock price be worth in 10 years?

Disney company overview and statistics

Aspect Description
📅 Founded October 16, 1923
👥 Founders Walt Disney, Roy O. Disney
🏢 Industry Entertainment, Media, Theme Parks
📍 Headquarters Burbank, California, U.S.
🛠️ Products Movies, TV shows, Theme parks, Streaming services
👩‍💼 Key People Bob Chapek (CEO), Alan N. Braverman (General Counsel), Christine McCarthy (CFO)
💰 Revenue (FY 2024) US$88.45billion
💼 Operating Income (FY 2024) US$8.74billion
💹 Net Income (FY 2024) US$2.35 billion
📈 Ticker Symbol DIS
🏛️ Listed Exchanges New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
🔗 Website

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Disney Stock Price Prediction 2024,2025,2027,2030,2040,2050 & 2055! 🚀

Disney’s stock price is $112.73 now. In the long term, we could expect an excellent rise from this level. Our AI forecast system shows that Disney’s price will be 171.05 by mid-2024. 

Disney stock price will reach $305, up +88% from the current level in the year, $387 in 2026,$459 in 2027,$505 in 2028,$586 in 2029, and $678 in 2030.

Disney stock price targets in 2024,2025,2030,2035,2040,2050, and 2055 are listed in the table below.

Year Disney Price Target Change
2024 $152 +35.17%
2025 $172 +53.95%
2026 $183 +63.13%
2027 $265 +136.12%
2028 $302 +169.09%
2029 $372 +232.17%
2030 $425 +279.19%
2040 $1230 +998.06%
2050 $3755 +3252.87%
2055 $3845 +3333.03%

Disney stock historical price chart

Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025
Credits: Trading View -Disney Stock Price Prediction chart

Disney Financial Statement and Income Report

Metric Value
Market Cap $206.78 Billion
Revenue (ttm) $574.79 billion
Net Income (ttm) $30.43 billion
Shares Out 1.83 Billion
EPS (ttm) $1.10
P/E Ratio 69.26
Forward P/E 60.44
Dividend 0.45
Ex-Dividend Date 7/8/2024
Volume 10.16M

Disney short term price prediction

Disney’s stock price today is $112.73. According to technical analysis, it is now trading at a support level. The current month’s Disney stock price decreased by 6.80%, the weekly performance stock price increased by +0.91%, and the monthly stock price increased by +18.66%. 

However, year to date, Disney’s stock price has performed very reasonably, rising by 25.12%, which is the best growth for Disney in recent years.

Based on fintechzoom AI data, Disney’s stock will perform well in the short term. Below are details of our short-term predictions. 

Disney stock price prediction 2024

Year  Disney Stock Price Prediction 2024
2024 $152

fintechzoom Disney’s stock price was $90 at the beginning of 2024. Now, it is $112.73, which means the price has increased by 25.12% from the start of the year.

Based on our algorithm, the Disney stock price will be $152 by the end of the current year, and the year-to-year change will be +35.17%.

Disney stock price prediction 2025

Year  Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025
2025 $172

Our algorithm forecasts that Disney’s stock price will reach $172 by 2025. We expect a +53.95% increase in the cost of Disney(DIS) stock in one year.

Below, I have provided Disney’s stock price forecast for the next four years, between 2026 and 2029.

Year Forecasted Disney Stock Price Target
2026 $183
2027 $265
2028 $302
2029 $372

Disney stock price Forecast 2026

Disney’s price will start at $287 in 2026 and reach $321 at the start of the year. We can expect Disney’s stock price to reach $183 by the end of 2026, representing a +63.13% increase from its current level over two years between 2024 and 2026.

Disney stock forecast 2027

According to our algorithm data, Disney’s stock price will reach $265 by 2027, a 136.12% increase from today’s stock price in the next three years.

Disney stock price forecast 2028

Based on our technical analysis, Disney’s stock price target is $302 in 2028, up +169.09 % from the present price in the coming four years.

Disney stock price predictions 2029

Our AI tools and technical analysis forecast that Disney’s target price will be $372 in 2029, +232.17% up from the last price noticed in the next five years.

Also, we can expect good growth in the consumption of digital entertainment, which could lead to Disney company growth. That is directly reflected in the Disney stock price.

Disney stock price prediction 2030

Year  Disney Stock Price Prediction 2030
2030 $425

Disney stock price in the next five years means that in 2030, Disney stock price is on a bullish trend and could reach $425. We Predicted a +279.19 % upturn in the stock’s price over a six-year timeline.

Also, Disney stock prices are forecasted below the following four-year timeline from 2031 to 3034.

Year  Disney Stock Price Prediction between 2031 - 2034
2031 $489
2032 $532
2033 $602
2034 $701

Disney stock price prediction 2035

Year  Disney Stock Prediction 2035
2035 $852

I firmly believe fintechzoom Disney’s stock price will grow tremendously in the coming 15 years. In 2035, it could easily reach $852.

Disney stock price prediction 2040

Year  Disney Stock Price Prediction 2040
2040 $1230

Disney’s stock price prediction for the next 15 years is $1230 because of the consumption of digital content. We can quickly expect an incredible rise in Disney stock prices in the next 15 years.

Disney stock price prediction 2050

Year  Disney Stock Forecast 2050
2050 $3755

Disney stock price prediction 2055

Year  Disney Stock Forecast 2055
2055 $3845

What will Disney stock be worth in 10 years?

As per technical analysis, Disney stock will have a chance to perform well in the long-term forecast, and we can predict $701 in the next ten years.

Is Disney stock a buy or sell?

As per the monthly analysis, Disney’s stock price has broken the previous swing high at $109.05 and taken support at the same level.

We can expect a sideways market for a month, and after that, Disney stock may have an uptrend. So it is bought, but after consolidation or if it breaks, the current month’s swing is high.

Can Disney(DIS) Stock To Reach $1000?

Disney stock has the potential to reach $1000, but in a long-term period, that is in 15 years.

What will the Disney stock forecast be tomorrow?

Disney stock is trading today at $112.73, decreasing by -0.02% from yesterday’s close price. We can predict that it will break the previous day’s high, and the Disney price target for tomorrow is $116.04.

What is Disney stock 5-year forecast?

Disney stock is currently trading at $112.73, and it will rise $152 by the current year-end,$172 in 2025$183 in two years, $265 in 2027, and $302 in 2028.

According to the long-term forecast, it will be $372 in 2029 and $425 in 2030.

What will the Disney stock price target be for 2024?

According to our data and technical analysis, Disney stock price target is $152 in 2024.

What is the Disney stock forecast for 2030?

You can expect an incredible jump in Disney stock price in 15 years. It will be $425 in 2030, which is +279.19% from today’s price.

FAQ's- Disney Stock forecast

$1230 is in 2040, which is +998.06% from the current price.

Disney stock’s long-term forecast system shows $3755 in 2050.

Disclaimer: Hello traders/Investors, the above information is not financial advice or an investment suggestion. Please do your research before investing.

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