Does bingX require KYC ? All limits and features revealed

Are you ready to unlock the secrets behind the BingX KYC process?

If you’re curious whether BingX requires KYC, you’re in the right place!

BingX is a top choice for no-KYC crypto exchanges in 2024. That means BingX does not require KYC. You can deposit, trade, and withdraw on BingX without completing the KYC process.

However, some rules and limits still apply to unverified users of the BingX crypto exchange. 

The article ‘Does Bingx require KYC‘ will discuss the KYC process, withdrawal limits, features, and security.

Here, you can get a complete Bingx exchange review of this platform, including features, fees, security, restricted countries, and more.

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is it safe to use bingX without KYC?

Since bingX started in 2018, BingX has been a safe place for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, even without going through Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. 

There have been no data breaches, hacks, or attacks. More than 10 million users trust the site in 120 countries.

It’s simple to add cryptocurrency to your BingX account, trade, and then get your profits. As of 2024, the BingX exchange has not been hacked, and customer funds are still safe. 

We can say that BingX is a safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t require KYC verification.

Not only is BingX controlled by significant authorities, but it also shows 100% proof of reserves. That means that BingX backs up all of its customers’ money 1:1. You can even look at the live-proof reserves on BingX.

does bingx require kyc
kyc bingx100% proof of reserves

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BingX Withdrawal Limits with KYC & Without KYC

While BingX lets users transfer and withdraw money without going through Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, some users need to be aware of some restrictions.

Before taking money, all BingX users must secure Google Authentator, email, and phone verification. You can get your money back after these safety steps are taken.

Below are the daily withdrawal limits for KYC and non-KYC users.

$50,000 without KYC
$5,000,000,000 for Level 1 KYC

This means a $50,000 daily withdrawal limit if you are unverified (No-KYC) on BingX. You must use the KYC process to authenticate your identity to withdraw $5,000,000.

Type KYC level 1 NO KYC
Daily crypto withdrawal limit $5,000,000 $50,000
Monthly crypto withdrawal limit Unlimited Unlimited

How to complete bingX kYC verification

If you wish to complete the bingX KYC process, congrats! Because you unlock more features and withdrawal limits, as discussed above.

Let me tell you how you can complete the Bingx KYC process. Trust me, it is straightforward and complete within just 3 minutes.

You need to submit personal information, such as a live selfie and a government-issued ID (such as a passport or driver’s license), for KYC to validate your identity.

This means that your device needs a webcam to use facial recognition. One third-party verification program overseeing the BingX KYC procedure is named sumsub.

Finally, remember that you must live in a country supported by BingX. BingX is not available to you if you are in a restricted country.

3 simple steps to complete bingX KYC

Step 1: Sign in to your BingX account, then click on the profile icon in the top right corner. Next, click “Identity Verification”.

bingx kyc
bingx kyc verification

Step 2: Read and tick the box “I confirm that I have read the Privacy Notice of KYC verification”. Then, click “Next” to proceed to the next step.

step 3: Choose the document type and the issuing nation. Provide a picture of yourself holding the necessary identity document and an image of the document that satisfies the requirements.

Please confirm that the data in the uploaded document matches the data in the handheld document.

Is bingX legit?

A safe no-KYC cryptocurrency bingX exchange with many regional licenses.The BingX branch offices are in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and South America. It is a worldwide digital services financial institution.

In other countries where it offers its services or does any business, BingX has also registered or been permitted by the government.

Visit the BingX website or contact the official BingX compliance team at For more information about BingX.

bingx kyc


The Financial Crime Investigation Service (FSIC) recognizes and monitors BINGX EU UAB as a digital currency exchange. It is a listed financial service company in Lithuania, part of the European Union.


The Australian Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) has approved BINGX GLOBAL PTY LTD as a Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) provider.

BingX security & Transparency

100% Proof of reserve

BingX promises to keep customers’ money safe and back up funds 100%. Reputable accountants have checked our financial information. We will also distribute our Merkle Tree every month on the 1st and 15th.

It was verified by the globally authoritative organization Mazars, with PoR certification, and a report was released.

Partnered with top cybersecurity organizations and passed the security audit with the leading security-focused ranking platform CertiK.

2FA authentication - bingx

Identity verification: BingX is a non-KYC exchange, but you need to do the KYC for large transactions. The Sumsub is used by BingX as their Know Your Customer (KYC) tool.

Here, you can learn about BingX’s Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. 

AI technology is used to fight cybercrime-related risks.

bingx exchange Anti-phishing code

The Advanced Security Anti-Phishing Code protects users actively against email-based threats, making their digital contacts safer and giving them peace of mind by helping them quickly tell the difference between bingX emails and possible phishing scams.

KYC bingX exchange - Conclusion

BingX is a trustworthy, easy-to-use Bitcoin exchange with no KYC procedure and strict security measures. 

It gives users a smooth experience with advanced security features like 2FA login and Anti-Phishing Code. It’s also easy to add funds.

10 Millions of people worldwide trust BingX, which has tools and guarantees for new and experienced users.

no-KYC bingX exchange fAQ'S

What documents are required for KYC verification on BingX?

Users must typically submit government-issued IDs, such as passports or driver’s licenses, for document verification on BingX.

What are the withdrawal limits for kyc and no-kyc users?

  • No KYC: $50,000
  • Level 1 KYC: $5,000,000

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