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No KYC Exchange with daily Withdrawal limit

Non-KYC Exchange
No KYC Withdrawal Limit
Crypto Currencies


Are you looking for a higher withdrawal limit with No KYC, Phemex currently supports that.

50000 USDT/Day

150+ cryptocurrency pairs

MEXC (Growing Fast)

Best volume exchange that does not require KYC unless you want to withdraw more than 2 BTC in 24 hours.

2 BTC/Daily

 1600+ cryptocurrencies

Toobit (new Hero in the town)

It is a newer Non KYC crypto exchange with higher withdrawal limit per day.

5 BTC/Day

100+ cryptocurrencies


top exchange with high withdrawal limits

280000 USDT/Daily

800+ cryptocurrencies


A decentralized exchange that supports perpetual trading, margin and spot trading, lending, and borrowing.

2000 USDT/24h

500+ cryptocurrencies

GMX (Decentralized exchange)

A perpetual contract trading platform for top cryptocurrencies.


30+ cryptocurrencies


Centralized exchange offering spot trading, futures, and yield farming without KYC

$10,000 per day (without KYC)

 600+ cryptocurrencies


popular no kyc exchange

2 BTC/24h

 Over 900 cryptocurrencies and fiat


A DEX aggregator that can be used to exchange any amount of ERC20 and supports multiple blockchain.

No limit


Orion protocol trade

Anonymously exchange tokens

No limit



ProBit is a centralized cryptocurrency and it is available for US Traders also.

$5000?(Level 1 KYC)

Over 400 cryptocurrencies

Free trading bots cryptocurrency exchange without KYC
Available for USA Users
  300+ cryptocurrencies
Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange without KYC
  Supported with 126 cryptocurrencies
Centralized cryptocurrency exchange without KYC
 Over 120 cryptocurrencies 
  • Advantages Of No KYC Best Crypto Exchanges

    • a. Enhanced anonymity and Privacy: Users can trade without disclosing personal information thanks to the enhanced privacy offered by no KYC exchanges, which are unavailable on traditional platforms.
    • b. Fast and Easy Onboarding: Users can begin trading immediately without going through prolonged verification procedures, which appeals to efficiency-focused individuals.
    • c. Global Accessibility: No KYC exchanges frequently take a more welcoming stance, allowing Traders to engage without restrictions from various geographical locations.

Table of Contents

1.Phemex (No KYC Crypto Exchange With Spot Trading,Margin Trading and Copy Trading Features)

No KYC Crypto Exchanges
No KYC Crypto Exchanges

Phemex is a crypto exchange; on Phemex, you can only complete KYC to withdraw funds in USD. If you trade cryptocurrencies, you can keep your non-KYC account, and your daily withdrawal limit is 50,000 USDT or roughly the same amount of cryptocurrency.

 Over 150 cryptocurrency pairs are available for trading and swapping without a KYC check. It works by linking your MetaMask wallet and depositing crypto into Phemex.

In addition, you can deposit currency or purchase cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card. 

KYC is not necessary for Phemex

However, it is required for users who wish to receive extra privileges like bonuses and premium membership. It entails no daily trading fees for up to $1 million and rewards like $5 for following Phemex’s X account or coupons for passing surveys, making deposits, or imitating traders.

Phemex also offers trading bots and copy trading as further services. You have two options: replicate their transactions or create the bots yourself. Experienced traders can utilize 5x leverage while using margin trading.

Thus, you can exchange. It means that with just $10,000 in your account, you can trade $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

Features Of Phemex

  • Discounts and competitive trading fees for large-volume traders
  • Many different cryptocurrencies are accessible for trading(Spot Trading and Trading on a 5x margin)
  • Advanced trading features like leverage and derivatives
  • High liquidity for popular trading pairs and 150+ crypto Pairs trading
  • Outstanding security setup Prompt client service
  • a functional mobile cryptocurrency trading app

No KYC features

Deposit crypto, spot crypto trading

Spot trading fees

Based on your 30-day trading volume, make fees range from 0.00% to 0.01%, and taker fees range from 0.045% to 0.100%.

Can you buy crypto with a card?

Yes with Moonpay or Mercuryo

Additional features

5x margin trading, copy trading, bot trading, Phemex earn, price prediction rewards, Web3 features

2.MEXC (High-Limit)

MEXC is a global cryptocurrency exchange with no mandatory KYC. Every day, millions of users use MEXC to buy, sell, and trade over 1600 cryptocurrencies, and the exchange trades hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.

As a non-KYC user, you can withdraw up to 30 BTC per day, which can be increased to 80 BTC or more by completing the primary KYC.

MEXC offers a variety of products, including spot and P2P trading, futures trading, leveraged ETFs, and savings products, allowing you to make passive income from cryptocurrency simply.

In addition, MEXC boasts among of the lowest trading fees of any cryptocurrency exchange, with significant discounts for MXC holders.

Some of the best reasons why MEXC is popular:
  • Low trading fees
  • Spot, Derivative trading, P2P trading, futures trading, leveraged ETFs, and savings products
  • Offers an exchange token to lower the trading fees.
  • A modern mobile app to trade from smartphones.
  • Up to 200X Leverage

3.CoinEx — Centralized Crypto Exchange That Offers Spot Trading, Futures and Yield Farming

no kyc crypto exchanges
no kyc crypto exchanges - Coinex

Crypto spot and futures trading is available on CoinEx, a centralized exchange with headquarters in Hong Kong, without requiring a KYC procedure.

Additionally, there is staking your idle coins, yield farming by acting as a market maker, and margin trading.

This exchange employs the maker/taker fee model, meaning that the cost of trading cryptocurrency is determined by whether you place a limit order at a specific price (maker) or buy it with a market order (taker).

Both market makers and takers must pay an initial 0.2% fee; however, you can reduce these fees by holding CET tokens.

You can only own $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency in a day without KYC. You need to validate your account in order to raise this amount.

As with most cryptocurrency exchanges, you can use a credit card to purchase cryptocurrency and sell it. However, third-party providers like MoonPay, AdvCash, and Mercuryo—whose websites demand KYC—are involved in this process.

CoinEx Best Features:
  • Spot and futures trading without KYC
  • Spot trading fees start at 0.2%, but you can lower them with CET tokens
  • $10,000 withdrawal limit without KYC
  • Advanced trading charts
  • Over 600 cryptocurrencies to choose from
No KYC featuresSpot crypto trading, futures trading
Spot trading feesStart from 0.2% maker/taker fees
Can you buy crypto with a card?Yes, with MoonPay, Simplex, Mercuryo, Guardian, AdvCash and Banxa
Additional featuresYield farming via AMMs and staking

4.Toobit - Trade with out kyc

Due to the mandatory KYC (Know your customer) policies implemented by several high-tier exchanges such as KuCoin, Bybit, and others, new centralized exchanges that are less stringent with their KYC regulations are rising.

Toobit can be useful if you’re searching for a cryptocurrency trading platform that doesn’t require KYC.

On the platform, you can also buy cryptocurrency without requiring KYC; however, the payment provider may request verification based on the method you choose.

Toobit exchange’s non-KYC user features

  • withdrawal of up to 5 BTC every day
  • Trade cryptocurrency without the need for KYC
  • Basic verification is necessary in order to buy cryptocurrency with fiat.
  • A helpful smartphone application
  • The members of Toobit’s leadership team are from Bybit, Huobi, and Xioami. Thus, if you’re seeking a cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t require KYC, Toobit crypto exchange is the best option.

5.Best Wallet -The Finest Multi-Chain Non-Custodial Wallet

The greatest non-custodial multi-chain wallet allows you to swap and exchange coins across multiple blockchains with just one mobile app. You can also read cryptocurrency news and trade NFTs to be up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

It is a multi-chain wallet that allows you to keep tokens and coins on several different blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain. Bitcoin support will be added soon.

You will have all of your cryptocurrency assets in one location, which makes it convenient.

The user is in ownership of the private keys to the cryptocurrency funds kept in this wallet since it is non-custodial. The Best Wallet can only be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones as of this writing.

You can use the Best DEX to swap and trade any of these tokens inside the wallet without having to sign up for a KYC. The majority of these features might be months before they are published, though, as they are still in development.


  • Support for multiple chains
  • Token swapping integrated
  • accessible on iOS and Android smartphones
  • BEST native token drop for current Best DEX and Wallet users; NFT swaps and gallery
  •  NFT gallery and swaps

No KYC features

Swapping coins and tokens

Spot trading fees

No spot trading feature

Can you buy crypto with a card?

Yes, via third-party services

Additional features

Multi-chain support, NFT gallery, $BEST token

6.LBANK- Trade With out KYC Exchange

No KYC Crypto Exchange
Without KYC Crypto LBANK Exchange

LBANK is another non-KYC cryptocurrency exchange with a high withdrawal limit and a user-friendly interface. It offers every feature you would expect from an excellent exchange, including a grid bot, an earning program, spot trading, and futures trading.

The platform adds new cryptocurrencies quite quickly, which is another factor that attracts traders and investors to LBANK. However, since you might not always find deep liquidity, I suggest using a limit order on LBANK.

Still, LBANK is an excellent alternative option for anyone wishing to trade cryptocurrency without KYC.

What is the LBANK daily withdrawal cap?

Without a KYC account, you can withdraw up to 280000 USDT or the equivalent in cryptocurrency every 24 hours.

7.Binance- With Out KYC best Exchange

no kyc crypto exchange
Binance No KYC Crypto Exchange




One of the best cryptocurrency exchanges is Binance, which allows you to use the platform anonymously and supports all popular altcoins. If your daily withdrawal limit is not more than 2 BTC, you do not need to complete KYC.

Update for 2024: Binance has updated the daily withdrawal limit for customers without KYC, and users who have completed basic verification can now withdraw up to 2000 USDT daily.

On the same platform, futures and margin trading are available to individuals seeking options beyond spot trading.

What is the no KYC limit on Binance?

It appears like Binance has raised the KYC threshold. If you already have a non-KYC account, you can withdraw up to 2000 USDT in cryptocurrency every day.

Note: Users from the USA are not eligible to utilize Binance.com’s services. If you live in the United States, check out the other anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges I’ve listed below or alternate options to Binance.

8.GMX - Non KYC DEX 

Many traders realized the value of self-custody after FTX collapsed in 2022 and switched to decentralized exchanges. One such non-KYC exchange, GMX, allows you to trade without a permit.

Before you can begin trading on the GMX exchange, you need to be familiar with self-custodial cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask or Trust Wallet. 

If this is your first time using these wallets, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with them or stick with other established centralized no-KYC exchanges.

The GMX exchange offers the following features:

  • accessible via Avalanche and Arbitrum
  • Supported tokens on the Decentralized Perpetual Exchange include ETH, BTC (WBTC), LINK, UNI, USDT, and DAI. 

Check out the GMX referral code as well to get lifetime savings on GMX.


A centralized altcoin swapping platform, Changelly does not require you to finish AML or KYC in order to use its services.

To utilize their services, you do not need to sign up for ID verification. For better safety, you can also use a VPN with this service.

To exchange for BTC or any other supported currency using this method, you must have supporting altcoins like USDT, ETH, XRP, DOGE, etc.

Changelly allows you to easily buy Bitcoins without requiring verification if you already own cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately for US investors, Changelly does not provide services in the United States.

No KYC featuresExchange and swapping crypto
Swap fees0.25% exchange fee, purchasing crypto depends on the third-party service you use
Can you buy crypto with a card?Yes, via MoonPay, Simplex or Wert, or with Apple Pay
Additional featuresNone


Best Crypto Exchanges With No-KYC
1InchExchange Crypto Exchanges With No-KYC

One of the best non-KYC exchanges for ERC20 tokens could be 1Inchexchange. It is a DEX aggregator that helps you in finding the most attractive exchange rates from Uniswap, Sushi, and other decentralized platforms. 

This is the ideal website if you want to trade without bothering about KYC.

You can use Metamask or any other wallet that supports crypto wallet connections to connect to 1inchexchange.


Best Decentralized no-KYC crypto exchange
ThorSwap best decentralized no-KYC crypto exchange

That means you will be able to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum permissionlessly and without KYC

Thorchain supports many more chains, making it one of a kind. It has started gaining popularity in 2022-23, and anyone looking for a no-KYC crypto exchange should explore Thorswap.

A multichain decentralized exchange aggregator, a new feature aimed at reducing slippage and getting better price execution for large decentralized finance (DeFi) trades.

12.Bisq (aka BitSquare)

Top decentralized no-KYC crypto exchange
bisq decentralized no-KYC crypto exchange

BitSquare is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that offers tokens such as ETH and BTC. There is no need for KYC or AML because it is a completely decentralized exchange that doesn’t require a name, email address, or verification.

Additionally, because it uses Tor and doesn’t store fiat or bitcoins on its servers or in its account, your anonymity is protected. It is currently supported with 126 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Still, there aren’t many trades going on right now.
There are eleven cryptocurrency/crypto asset pairs listed on this exchange, with a volume of 4 BTC as of the time of writing.

13.Orion Protocol Trade

In addition to providing dark pool liquidity, the Orion Protocol has a trading terminal that allows you to exchange coins anonymously. The best part is that you may exchange directly on this platform by using your hardware wallet.


International Crypto Exchange With no Kyc
PrimeXBT Crypto Exchange With no Kyc

In addition to providing investors with access to more conventional markets like stock indexes, commodities CFDs, and forex currencies, PrimeXBT is an international cryptocurrency exchange.

Compared to some of the other exchanges on our list, PrimeXBT offers a relatively limited selection of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and EOS.

PrimeXBT takes a strong stand to protect consumers’ privacy when it comes to their personal information, which is why KYC is not required. Nonetheless, PrimeXBT retains the right to use a Customer Due Diligence process at any point to verify a client’s identity or source of funding.

15. simpleswap

no-kyc swap crypto exchange
SimpleSwap crypto exchange no-KYC

SimpleSwap is a fast cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade over 900 different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. 

You can use SimpleSwap without even creating an account by simply setting the terms of your trade, entering the required wallet addresses, and getting started.

Because SimpleSwap members are exempt from KYC requirements, it’s a simple way to purchase and sell cryptocurrency without revealing personal information.

Furthermore, SimpleSwap has an extremely user-friendly layout, which may make it a more enticing choice than some decentralized exchanges which take some getting used to.


no kyc uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX)
no kyc uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX)

Using the Ethereum blockchain and its layer 2 chains, such as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, in addition to BNB Chain tokens, uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX). 

This indicates that no entity that has the authority to freeze your assets owns it. You link your cryptocurrency wallet and switch out the desired tokens to use it. This is anonymous and doesn’t require a KYC procedure.


  • Largest DEX on Ethereum
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can trade NFTs
  • Liquidity farming
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from

No KYC features

Swap crypto tokens and NFTs and use the Uniswap liquidity pool

Spot trading fees

0.3% for swapping tokens

Can you buy crypto with a card?

Yes with MoonPay



no kyc best crypto exchange with low fees

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges using the BNB Smart Chain without KYC is PancakeSwap. Because of its low fees for transactions and user-friendly design, it is the cryptocurrency enthusiast’s first pick. 

Particularly, PancakeSwap charges a cost per transaction for V3 liquidity pools that varies between 0.01% to 1% depending on the pair, and a fee of 0.25% for V2 liquidity pools, which is less expensive than other DEXs such as Uniswap.

PancakeSwap has added gaming elements to their site. You may play tower defense games in PvP and PvE, predict token prices, take part in lotteries, and trade NFTs on the BNB network. None of this requires the use of KYC.


  • Buy crypto with fiat
  • Swap tokens on the BNB chain and Ethereum
  • Fast transfers
  • Low swap fees for stable pairs
No KYC features
Token swap, yield farm, perpetual swaps trading, multi-chain bridge, NFT trading, gaming
Swap fees
From 0.01% to 1% depending on the coins
Can you buy crypto with a card?
Yes via MoonPay, Mercuryo and Transak
Additional featuresLiquid staking, liquidity pool farming, price prediction and lottery


Popular cryptocurrency exchange Pionex focuses on automated trading with free trading bots. Since its founding in 2019, the exchange has allowed investors to trade over 330 cryptocurrencies, some of which can be leveraged.

Pionex does have KYC, but it has multiple levels, such as Unverified, Level 1, and Level 2, just like many other exchanges. An unverified account will only allow you to complete certain things, but the Level 1 KYC needs only your name and country.

No other personal information is required. You will be allowed to trade, withdraw USD, and deposit fiat and cryptocurrency up to a certain amount with Level 1 KYC.

Though Pionex does offer services to US consumers, some are limited, such as margin grid and leveraged grid bots.

19. ProBit

Best no kyc crypto exchange in USA
ProBit no kyc crypto Exchange

ProBit is a centralized cryptocurrency marketplace where users may purchase, sell, and trade over 400 different cryptocurrencies. Also, the site provides staking, other income products, and IEOs.

There are two KYC levels available on ProBit. Level 1 allows you to deposit, trade, stake, and withdraw up to $5,000 with just email verification needed. Level 2 gives you access to IEOs, raises your withdrawal limit to $500k, and demands identity verification.

ProBit does not expressly say that services are only available to US investors, although some items could not be offered to US citizens.


no kyc crypto exchange
no-KYC Centralized cryptocurrency exchange

Founded in 2018, TradeOgre is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade over 120 different cryptocurrencies.

TradeOgre does not have KYC procedures in place and appreciates user privacy. In addition, the exchange places a lot of importance on private coins like Monero (XMR).

The exchange is one of the few that does not state in its terms of service that its services are only available to US residents, therefore US residents may find it especially appealing.

Conclusion : No KYC Crypto Exchanges

I believe that this year will see a greater acceptance of not requiring AML and KYC because there are a number of decentralized exchanges in the works that may put pressure on the centralized exchanges to do away with the KYC rules.

FAQ'S - No KYC Crypto Exchanges

Is it possible to buy cryptocurrency without a KYC?

Using a permission-less swap is the greatest approach to purchase cryptocurrency without requiring KYC. P2P exchanges are the greatest option, nevertheless, if you’re wanting to invest in cryptocurrency for the first time without undergoing KYC.

Which bitcoin exchanges don't require KYC?

You can purchase a modest quantity of Bitcoin without requiring KYC by using MEXC or Phemex Exchange. However, in order to add funds to these exchangers, the bank processor may require to see your identification.

Why do crypto traders like exchanges without KYC?

Because of these exchanges’ increased privacy and efficiency, cryptocurrency traders frequently choose those without Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.
The desire to avoid the inconvenience of drawn-out KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures is the source of this preference. The above list presents several decentralized and centralized no-KYC exchanges, highlighting their special features and advantages.

What are the advantages of No-KYC Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency traders choose No Kyc exchanges because of their improved anonymity, quick onboarding, and broad availability. These platforms frequently give consumers more flexibility in managing their finances by offering higher withdrawal limits. 

They are also well-liked by traders who want anonymity, fast onboarding, and various trading possibilities because of their unique trading capabilities, including margin trading, spot trading, and creative options.

Which cryptocurrency trading apps without KYC is the best?

The “best” cryptocurrency trading app without KYC varies depending on personal preferences and needs. However, Phemex, MEXC, CoinEx, Toobit, and Binance are popular, well-known options for no-KYC functionality.
Every platform provides different user experiences, possibilities for trading, and features. Analyze each app’s features, privacy policies, and supported cryptocurrencies to determine which best meets your trading requirements.

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