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Introducing Solana Mobile Chapter 2

The newest smartphone from Solana Mobile, introduced Solana Mobile Chapter 2, sparked an odd buying frenzy within 30 hours of its release.

Reputably focused on the cryptocurrency community, the company announced over 25,000 pre-orders on its first day, and within 30 hours, that number shot up to 30,000. This exceptional demand surpassed sales of Solana’s first Saga handset for the year. 

The blockchain built by Solana is an example of efficiency and scalability. It stands apart from its competitors due to its unique features, which include the Proof-of-History (PoH) system and low transaction fees. I

In Solana Mobile Chapter 2, the Solana ecosystem is examined in more detail, with a special focus on the most recent developments, strategic collaborations, and the company’s general development that has established its standing as a leader in the field of blockchain technology.

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Introducing Solana Mobile Chapter 2 Features

  • ¬† ¬† Maintains features, including its Android-powered system
  • ¬† ¬† built-in cryptocurrency wallet
  • ¬† ¬† Seed Vault¬†
  • ¬† ¬† dApp marketplace for decentralized cryptocurrency apps.¬†
  • ¬† ¬† Surprisingly, it costs $450 less than the Saga, which sells for $599.

Important Points To Consider Buying Solana Phone Chapter 2

  1. Solana Labs introduced the Saga “Solana Mobile Chapter 2¬†” phone, a cheaper variant of the¬†first Saga phone.
  2. When it launches in 2025, Solana mobile price preorders will cost $450, which makes it less expensive than the original $999 phone.
  3. Like the original, it is made for the Solana system and has access to Solana apps and a native cryptocurrency wallet.
  4. Due to the increasing value of an airdrop of BONK tokens for owners, demand for the first Saga increased.
  5. There were only 20,000 pieces of the original Saga produced, but because of the airdrop mania, it sold out in December.
  6. Historical Airdrop Success: Airdrops offered significant cash advantages to previous Solana phone customers.
  7. Expected Future Benefits: Owners of Solana Chapter 2 phones might expect to get profitable airdrops.
  8. Benefits for Referrals: Sharing the word with friends and family may result in additional rewards.

Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana Mobile and president of Solana Labs, highlighted the significance of mobile devices for cryptocurrency app developers, giving them an exclusive distribution journey for reaching loyal customers without costly app store fees.

The startup seeks to replicate the success of the Solana mobile Saga, which became well-known after rewarding its owners with substantial cryptocurrency rewards, ultimately resulting in its sell-out status.

Solana Mobile is concentrating on increasing accessibility with the release of Solana Mobile Chapter 2 and aims to keep promoting the goals of the cryptocurrency community. 

It is positioned as a device that represents the future potential of cryptocurrency, encouraging customers to use apps with cryptocurrency rewards more often.

The newly introduced Solana mobile chapter 2 smartphone aims to give users and developers more flexibility and independence in the cryptocurrency space. It is scheduled for release in the first half of 2025

What Phone/Saga Is Solana?

The Solana Saga is a smartphone that the company developed in association with Osom, a developer of mobile hardware. In simple terms, it is an Android phone with built-in blockchain technology.


Three methods are used for this:

The Solana mobile stack is an Android development framework that allows developers to build native mobile applications and integrate them into phones.

Seed vault: a safe place to keep seed phrases

Dapp Store: A special app store for cryptocurrency apps (like OKX, Phantom Wallet, etc.)

Extremely little information is available about the phone, its functionality, or even its enhancements over Saga. On the official website, it is referred to as a “product” rather than a phone. It’s also possible that this is a tablet or other smart device instead of a phone at all.

As of this moment, Solana Mobile has stated clearly that this is just an estimate and that it will be shipping in the first half of 2025.

The lack of information and specific delivery dates suggest that Solana Mobile is trying to take advantage of the recent hype surrounding the Saga phone to raise money for the development of a new phone.

In the event that the phone is not produced‚ÄĒwhich Solana Mobile has stated may happen if there are “not enough preorders in your market” or if they do not reach 100,000 preorders‚ÄĒthey are requesting a deposit that will only be refunded.

I guess they have not yet begun the phone’s development and are instead trying to 1) Determine the market’s demand and 2) Raise enough capital to support the phone’s development.

What Is The Price Of It?

For a limited period of time, Chapter 2 can be accessed through the Founder Window by paying a¬†price¬† $450 USD¬†money. Nevertheless, based on the screenshot below, there’s a chance the total cost will be higher and you’ll have to pay more for delivery.

What Are Some Pros For Solana Chapter 2 Mobile Buying?

Airdrops before the phone is released: When you pre-order the Solana Saga chapter 2 phone, you must connect your Solana wallet. There will probably be airdrops for pre-orderers, particularly for the Founder pre-orders. 

The Solana ecosystem projects (e.g., Backpack, Tensor, and Magic Eden) listed on the official website are the most likely options.

When Solana Chapter 2 is released, airdrops: Since Solana owns the phone, when it launches, Solana will encourage other projects to airdrop to increase sales.

Budget-friendly priced phone: Given that the Solana Saga received mixed reviews despite being criticized for costing $1000 if the price stays at $450 (assuming it is a phone), it is not extremely expensive for an Android phone.

What are Some Cons of Solanachapter 2 mobile buying?

Airdrop dilution: Only 20,000 copies of the original Saga were sold. This version will sell for at least $100,000 (the future presale level).

Since the value of airdrops for Saga is now estimated to be around 3k, it is safe to assume that Chapter 2 will have a lesser value than Saga, as the value of airdrops for Saga is split among a greater number of owners.

Uncertainty regarding mobile cost and release date: The phone is scheduled for a release date in the first half of 2025. However, it may arrive later. This pushes you to pay now for a product that might not come for more than two years, and you might even have to pay more for shipping.

Concern about product and quality:
 You may either purchase a poor-quality phone or 2) decide not to get a phone at all.

How Can One Place A Preorder?

As of right now, the phone can only be preordered via the official Solana Mobile website.

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