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Are you searching for top free AI Crypto Trading Bots for beginners?

While trading, we experience many emotions and FOMO, so that’s why we choose automated trading bots; not only that, but we can discuss many more features of trading bots now.

Crypto trading has the beauty of being accessible around the clock. Also, it provides several trading bots that enable you to automate your current trading strategies or replicate the methods of expert traders, helping you to generate income while you sleep.

But the real question is: Out of all the cryptocurrency trading bots, how do you choose the best Free AI crypto Trading Bots For Beginners?

I want to answer today’s query with this article on¬†AI crypto trading bots for beginners¬†and professional traders.

The solution for all the creative, busy people who realize that trading bots can be useful is cryptocurrency trading bots.

Let’s review a few basic concepts before diving into some of the top cryptocurrency trading bots:

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What are Ai Crypto Trading Bots ?

These platforms, available in multiple forms, are perfect for both beginners and experienced traders. By automating repetitive Steps and combining machine learning and speed of execution, AI crypto trading bots can help avoid emotional errors and FOMO that humans often make. 

Also, by using trading bots, we can back-test our strategies depending on historical data; these automated Crypto trading strategies might run continuously simultaneously.

Profiting in both bull and bear markets is possible, depending on the cryptocurrency trading bots and trading strategies you apply. If done properly, cryptocurrency bots can automate making money from cryptocurrency trading.

And that’s not all.

Crypto trading bots use an API to connect to your cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance or Bybit, and then trade using configured strategies.

Are Ai Crypto trading bots profitable ?

Absolutely. If you use backtested method data and adhere to the risk-to-reward ratio, cryptocurrency trading bots will help you become wealthy. 

Trading with these bots has the advantage of being emotionless and FOMO when the risk is within your control (proper risk management).

If, on the other hand, you are impatient and believe that trading will always be profitable, these trading bots are not for you.

However, These bots could significantly improve your financial well-being if you desire to learn trading and have the time to develop and test successful trading strategies.

With the use of cryptocurrency trading bots, you can automate the majority of boring manual and repetitive trading tasks. Your trading strategies and thinking will determine how profitable cryptocurrency trading bots can be.

You should know that the cryptocurrency market is far more volatile than the traditional one if you trade commodities or fiat/forex.

If this is your first time using a bot to trade cryptocurrency, it would be best to test your strategy using the backtesting tool or do paper bot trading (I’ve included a list of the software below) before executing a live transaction.

Note: Proper risk management, like a risk to reward, stop loss, and position sizing, is most important to remember, even when using bot trading.

Note: In crypto-trading, invest only the amount you are comfortable losing, and always use a stop loss for planned risk.

Ai Crypto Trading Bot Features:

You may only require some items on this list. To choose the best cryptocurrency trading bot for you, consider key factors while checking out tools and bots. Depending on your trading level, these are some common features that many trading bot applications offer.

  • Paid and Free trading bots
  • Able to give Crypto trading signals: Buy/sell signals.
  • Help you to backtest and execute complex trading strategies.
  • Support Spot and futures trading
  • Supported Integrations with multiple crypto exchanges
  • Testing your strategies by paper trading
  • The copy-trading strategy of others – social trading
  • Mobile App: Can you keep an eye on your bot while on the go using a mobile application?
  • Support copy trading so you can benefit from successful traders’ strategies and track records
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Arbitrage bot.

These are but a few helpful features of a cryptocurrency trading bot. It’s time to find some of the best cryptocurrency trading bots.

  • Binance trading bots
  • Bybit trading bots
  • Phemex trading bots


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1.Defiquant - free AI Crypto trading Bot for beginner

Free AI Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners
Free AI Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners

Defiquant’s AI-powered cryptocurrency trading bot¬†has been revealed. For both beginner and experienced traders, it offers automatic, quick, and unbiased trading.

The bot can immediately buy crypto¬†at a discount from exchange A and sell it for an increased price on exchange B. An exchange’s API link is not required for this bot to work. And ensures the security of user cash. Every new user who registers on the site gets a $5 credit.

  • This bot is so easy to use that even a beginner can trade it.
  • Settlement income every 24 hours.
  • Several different trading methods.
  • It follows strict security guidelines.
  • There’s a free trial option for the platform.
Free AI Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners
Defiquant plans Free AI Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners

2. Crypto Exchange Bots - Best crypto bots for beginners

Several well-known cryptocurrency exchanges have recently integrated automated trading bots into their platforms. On cryptocurrency exchanges, some of the most popular kinds of trading bots that are available are:

  • Grid trading bots for (futures and spots)
  • DCA Robots
  • Bot for rebalancing
  • Auto Invest bot¬†
  • Futures TWAP

These bots are better for trading beginners because they remove the requirement to generate an API key, which presents a security risk if done incorrectly, and reduce the need to pay extra for a third-party bot.

3.MIZAR - top free Ai crypto bot for trading

Free AI Crypto Trading Bots for Beginners

Mizar AI trading bots perform all required trading and may have high-quality insights. The software can execute trades and manage various other functions.

  • Traders can use its all-in-one trading facilities.
  • It has 24*7 support for the users.
  • Offer all-in-one trading facilities
  • Live support is available
  • It has high-security protocols

4. GunBot - beginners automate crypto bot 

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
Gunbot Trading Bot

GunBot is an excellent platform for cryptocurrency investors who want to automate certain aspects of their trades using AI trading bots and built-in algorithms. 

The platform is compatible with over a hundred exchanges, including well-known players like Binance and Coinbase. Its built-in notifications, technical indicators, and bots are ideal for analyzing the market and applying automated trading strategies.

  • It might not be the best trading bot for beginners, but seasoned traders can utilize it fully.
  • One-time purchase (with available add-ons) 
  • It supports API connectivity.
  • Unlimited trading Pairs
  • 20+ buy and sell methods 
  • It easily supports API connectivity
  • Lifetime license

5. Kryll - best for Max profits and Backtesting

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
Kryll Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner

Kryll is the best platform for cryptocurrency traders who wish to use the best instruments and strategies in the easiest way possible, use the community’s collective wisdom, and use artificial intelligence (AI) trading bots to maximize profits in cryptocurrency markets.

  • It is best for the traders using multiple exchanges.
  • Anyone can use the AI trading bot, whether you are a seasoned or a beginner.
  • Simple, easy, and detailed
  • Support to more exchanges
  • Have mobile app

6.Zignaly (best beginner crypto copy trading bot)

It works well for copy trading and creating a bot from scratch. The bot is free and best for both novice and seasoned traders. It will let you use trading strategies developed by AI bots and create your strategy from the start.

  • It is simple, so even a newbie can trade using this bot.
  • The support system needs attention.
  • Robust and secure copy trade platform
  • Do not hold crypto assets

7.Dash 2 Trade - analytics ai crypto bot

Free AI Crypto Trading Bots For Beginners
dash2trade crypto bot

An AI crypto analytics tool called Dash 2 Alternate was created with traders in mind. It provides social analytics, trading indications, and on-chain information to maximize your profits. 


  • Provides Algorithmic bot trader and strategies back tester
  • Access to actionable insight and unique social indicators
  • Signals and Market Events¬†

8. Cryptohopper - Best Technial Ai Crypto Bot

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
cryptohooper Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner

Our pick for the best cryptocurrency trading bot is Cryptohopper, a great option for beginners. With over half a million users and support for over 100 coins across 15 exchanges, this platform has much going for it. Therefore, its options range from $0 to $99/month and have something to offer everyone.


  • reputable website with a sizable user base
  • Free starter plan
  • No code required
  • No phone support for users (ticketing only)
  • Additional fees for signals

9.HassOnline -top technical bot

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner

Best for technically competent day traders interested in developing and optimizing their crypto trading bot. HaasOnline’s TradeServer has long been a solid but pricey choice for traders who write their scripts and want to run a trading bot locally.


  • Automated Trading
  • Backtesting and Paper Trading
  • HaasScript Editors
  • Exchange Integrations
  • Market Research


  • Using edge computing to reduce latency
  • flexible testing and backtesting engines
  • You can get pre-built trader bots.

10. 3commas - Professional Technical Bot

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
3commas Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner

Great for users of advanced trading bots who want to use more complex trading strategies, such as programmatic options trading. 

With a feature-rich terminal on more than 17 major exchanges, 3Commas is a great choice for independent traders hoping to adopt advanced strategies.

It provides complex trading opportunities in a user-friendly, surprisingly affordable package.

  • works with lots of popular exchanges
  • Accessible trading academy for beginners globally
  • Fees: $0 – $99/mo (annual discounts available)

11.CoinRule- powerful User Friendly interface

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
coinrule Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner

Excellent for journeyman traders in search of training rules without coding. Coinrule provides a secure and user-friendly platform for creating automated trading instructions for leading exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken.Pros:

  • Free account for backtesting and paper trades
  • works with a variety of popular exchanges
  • Without the need for any programming

12.TradeSanta - For Beginner And Advanced Trader

Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner
Free Ai Crypto Trading Bot for Beginner

Perfect for beginners trying to learn about cryptocurrency trading bots and an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform. TradeSanta promotes itself as the best choice for beginners. 

Its reasonable prices, user-friendly desktop and mobile interfaces, risk management features, and pre-made templates deliver on this promise.

  • Easy steps for creating a bot
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Outstanding level of assistance
  • Not for advanced traders
  • Free trial of a ‚ÄúMaximum‚ÄĚ plan is limited to three days

13.Pionex - Excellent Bot For Large Volume Trader

Free grid Trading bot Crypto exchange
Pionex Grid Trading bot Exchange

Perfect for people looking for free integrated trading bots on a well-known exchange. Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users access to sixteen free, integrated trading bots, such as arbitrage, grid, and DCA bots.


  • An exchange with trading bots built-in
  • Low transaction fees and no additional charges


  • Compared to competitors, the free and premium plans provide fewer features.
  • Cannot withdraw with fiat

Conclusion: Best Trading Bot For Crypto

3Commas is the best automatic bot for crypto trading suitable for beginners. With all the capabilities a trader might want, both basic and advanced, Cryptohopper is the best cryptocurrency trading bot today. 

It’s excellent for traders with and without experience because of features like social trading and backtesting.

But you need to test them all, as each trading bot has a different UI and provides different functionality. Which one best suits your trading style is always uncertain.

Best AI Crypto Trading Bots For Beginners FAQ's

Which is the best AI trading bot for cryptocurrency?

The best AI trading bot for cryptocurrency will always be based on the user’s needs. Cryptohopper, Gunbot, HaasOnline, Trality, and 3Commas are a few trustworthy picks. These bots use automation and algorithms to improve trading efficiency, reduce risk, and increase profits.

Which Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Bots Are The Best?

For arbitrage trading, pionex and Cryptohooper bots are the best.

How successful are bots for cryptocurrency trading?

The chosen bot, the trading strategy used, and the market condition are some factors that affect cryptocurrency trading bots’ success rate.¬†

Trading bots can be quite successful when used effectively, with careful choice of strategies and regular monitoring. The reality that trading bots are used professionally in financial markets confirms their effectiveness when applied correctly.

Can you use more than one cryptocurrency trading bot?

Using a single bot at a time is strongly advised. Learning to use one bot well is preferable to using multiple. However, you should use the sub-account option of an exchange or connect two cryptocurrency trading bots to create separate exchange accounts if you wish to use them.

You may calculate profit this way, and the amount of your trade reserve won’t overlap.

Is your computer required to switch on 24/7?

You don’t have to keep your computer on or be online because most of these bots work on the cloud.

Which cryptocurrency types are suitable for trading using bots?

In general, it is recommended that you use your cryptocurrency trading bot with popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin, which are sometimes known as “blue chip” cryptocurrencies.¬†
There are typically the fewest price fluctuations or premiums when buying or selling because these coins have the maximum liquidity. It is simpler for your bot to execute deals quickly and effectively when there is high liquidity. 
Do your research and know the risks before investing in any cryptocurrency-related activity.

Do trading bots work? Especially in the field of cryptocurrency

Crypto bots automate many boring tasks and are just as smart as you are. Once a strategy is set up, trading bots can operate around the clock. Grid trading bots are a great example; they do well in sideways markets.

Does my bot need constant monitoring?

There is no one correct response because it all relies on your strategy.
Some trading bot techniques need weekly bot monitoring, while others can demand that you constantly monitor the price and adjust it as required.

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