Fintechzoom UPST stock | 5 things you should know before you buy

Upstart Holdings (UPST) is a top fintech company that has created a new era in loan lending with its advances in AI technology. It has adopted AI and made the lending process smooth and efficient.

You should know about UPST fintechzoom stock analysis and price prediction before making a purchase. So, I have given UPST company details overview, fintechzoom UPST stock analysis, and price forecast for coming years.

Not only that, we have discussed why you should invest in UPST stock and also 5 strong reasons to invest in UPST. So, let’s jump into fintechzoom UPST stock analysis, Price Forecast, and growth factors.

Upstart Holdings(UPST) Introduction & Key Facts

Without waiting a single moment, I will jump into the story of a rising star in the world of finance.

Key Achievements:

  1. Financial Ascendancy: UPST has demonstrated outstanding development, setting itself as a key player in the lending industry.
  2. Innovative Solutions: With advanced technology and data-driven insights, UPST is redefining lending practices and empowering consumers.
  3. Investor Confidence: UPST’s stock performance reflects investor confidence, with steady growth and promising prospects for the future.

Fascinating Facts:

  • UPST leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the lending process, offering faster approvals and personalized loan options.
  • The company’s innovative approach to credit underwriting has earned awards and attracted partnerships with major financial institutions.

Will journey through the world of UPST stock, where growth meets innovation.

Whether you’re an investor seeking opportunities or simply curious about the future of finance, prepare to be inspired by UPST’s amazing journey.

Let’s dive in and explore the possibilities together! 🌟📈

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Upstart Holdings (UPST) company profile

Aspect Description
📅 Founded 2012
👥 Founders Dave Girouard, Anna Counselman, Paul Gu, Robby Greer
🏢 Industry Financial Technology (Fintech), Artificial Intelligence
📍 Headquarters San Mateo, California, U.S.
🛠️ Products AI-powered lending platform, Credit decisioning technology
👩‍💼 Key People Dave Girouard (CEO), Paul Gu (CTO), Sanjay Datta (CFO)
💰 Revenue (FY 2023) US$513.56 million
💼 Operating Income (FY 2023) Approximately US$12.16 million
💹 Net Income (FY 2023) $256.52 million
📈 Ticker Symbol UPST
🏛️ Listed Exchanges NASDAQ
🌐 Website

fintechzoom Upstart holdings(UPST) stock historical performance

🚀 Before we get into Fintechzoom’s UPST price forecast, let’s look at how it’s done in the past. UPST started strong, listed in the market in December 2020 at $20 a share.

It shot up like a rocket, hitting an all-time high of $401.49 just 11 months later in October 2021. That’s a huge increase of 1900% from when it first started.

fintechzoom upst stock
fintechzoom upst stock chart history : Image Credits: TradingView

But then things took a turn. Within six months, UPST’s stock dropped back to almost where it started, around its listing price.

That’s a massive 90% drop from its all-time high. And now, UPST’s current price is $24.15, which is 94% less than its peak.

Get ready to explore the wild ups and downs of UPST’s journey as we figure out where it might be headed next. Let’s dig in and see what’s in store! 🌟

fintechzoom UPST stock financial Overview

Metric Value
Market Cap $2.09 B
Revenue (ttm) $513.56 M
Net Income (ttm) -$240.13 M
Shares Out 74.09 M
EPS (ttm) -$ 2.89
P/E Ratio NA
Dividend Upstart Holdings doesn't pay dividend
Ex-Dividend Date NA
Volume 3.81 M

fintechzoom upstart UPST stock financial Analysis

Since its IPO, Upstart has been on a wild ride, wowing investors with its stellar financial performance. Think of it like a rocket taking off—in 2021, its revenue shot up an incredible 265% to a jaw-dropping $848.59 million, while net income soared over 2,000% to $135.44 million. How’s that for impressive?

But every hero faces their challenges. Recently, Upstart hit a rough patch. In Q3 2024, its revenue took a nosedive, dropping 42% year-over-year to $140 million.

Plus, it went from making a cool $36 million in net income to reporting a $42 million operating loss. Ouch. The culprit? Lower loan volumes as folks got jittery about rising interest rates and economic uncertainty.

Yet, Upstart isn’t one to back down easily. Despite the rocky road, it’s standing strong with a big $1.2 billion in cash and marketable securities as of September 2024.

How? Well, its smart business model helps. By selling most of its loans to big institutional investors, it keeps risk low while raking in those sweet cash flows.

Financially speaking, Upstart’s been a shining star. Its growth rates, profit margins, and return on equity are the envy of the fintech world.

But here’s the twist – even though it’s killing it, the market’s a bit skeptical. Valuation multiples have taken a hit as investors worry about whether Upstart can keep up its impressive performance in a tough economic climate.

In the end, Upstart’s journey is like a rollercoaster—thrilling highs and a few stomach-churning lows, but always moving forward.

It’s a reminder that even in the wild world of finance, stability, and adaptability can lead to great things.

Fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2024,2025,2027,2030,2040,2050 & 2055! 🚀

UPST stock is trading at $24.15 today, and it is near its listing price. So, we can expect consolidation at this level. It will take time to decide whether it will break out or break down.

In this case, if the breakout happens, the price target for 2025 is $44.05, with a +83.35 % increase from the current level.

Finetechzoom’s forecast system shows that the fintechzoom UPST stock price will reach $32.19 from the current price level in the current year,$44.05 in 2025,$61.05 in 2026, $83.05in 2027, $94.64 in 2028, $107.35 in 2029, and $114.06 in 2030.

Finetchzoom UPST stock price targets in 2024,2025,2030,2035,2040,2050, and 2055 are listed in the table below.

fintechzoom UPST stock price forecast

Year UPST Price Target Change
2024 $32.19 +33.32%
2025 $44.05 +83.35%
2026 $61.05 +154.98%
2027 $83.05 +245.32%
2028 $94.64 +291.19%
2029 $107.35 +345.17%
2030 $114.06 +375.99%
2040 $249.12 +937.96%
2050 $482.04 +1908.04%
2055 $685.07 +2754.02%

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2024 & Short Term Forecast​

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2024
2024 $32.19

UPST stock price was $39.59 at the start of 2024. Today, it is $24.15, which means the price has decreased by 39.27%

Based on fintechzoom analysis, the UPST stock price will be $32.19 by the end of the current year, and the year-to-year change will be +33.32%.

Fintechzoom UPST Short-term Forecast

      • Tuesday, May 7 – $24.90
      • Wednesday, May 8 – $25
      • Thursday, May 9 – $25
      • May 15 – $29
      • June 15 – $30
      • July 15 – $28.54
      • August 15 – $29.43
      • September 15 – $31
      • October 15 – $32

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2025

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2025
2025 $44.05

The Fintechzoom algorithm forecasts that UPST stock price will reach $32.19 by 2025. We expect a +33.32% increase in the cost of UPST stock (UPST: NASDAQ) in one year.

Below, I have provided a UPST stock price forecast for the next four years, between 2026 and 2029.

Year Forecasted fintechzom UPST Stock Price Target
2026 $61.05
2027 $83.05
2028 $94.64
2029 $107.35

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price forecast 2026

UPST’s price will start at $41.04 in 2026 and reach $58.04 by mid-year. We can expect the stock price to reach $61.05 by the end of 2026, representing a +154.98% increase from its current level over two years between 2024 and 2026.

fintechzoom UPST Stock forecast 2027

According to fintechZoom data, UPST’s stock price will reach $83.05 by 2027, a 245.32% increase from UPST’s stock price in the next three years.

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price prediction 2028

Fintechzoom forecast analyst is saying that UPST’s stock price target is $94.64 in 2028, which is up +291.19 % from the present price in the coming four years.

fintechzoom UPST forecast 2029

Fintechzoom data and technical analysis forecast that the UPST target price will be $107.35 in 2029, +345.17% up from the current price in the next five years.

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2030

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2030
2030 $114.06

UPST stock price in the next five to six years means that in 2030, it will be on a bullish trend and could reach $114.06. We Predicted a +375.99 % uptrend in the UPST price over a six-year timeline.

Also, UPST stock prices are forecasted below the following four-year timeline from 2031 to 3034.

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction between 2031 - 2034
2031 $724.03
2032 $839.07
2033 $1152.96
2034 $1260.08

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2035

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2035
2035 $160.23

The Fintechzoom stock analysis system predicts reasonable upside momentum for UPST stock price. Because the consumption of money lending services has increased in various ways in recent times, it will continue to grow exponentially. 

That directly helps UPST stock. So, fintechzoom UPST stock’s long-term forecast price is $160.23 after 10 years.

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2040

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2040
2040 $249.12

UPST stock price prediction for the next 15 years is $249.12. We can expect an incredible rise in UPST stock prices in the next 15 years.

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2050

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2050
2050 $482.04

fintechzoom UPST Stock Price Prediction 2055

Year  UPST Stock Price Prediction 2055
2055 $685.07

Can Upstart Holdings (UPST) Stock Price Reach $1000?

As per fintechzoom upset stock price prediction, It will reach near the $1000 level, which is $685.07, in 2055. So we expect this target price to be in the very long term.

Is Upstart Holdings (UPST: NASDAQ) A Good Stock To Buy Now?

Yes, it is a good stock, but now the stock price has come near to its listing price, which is $24.25. So you can wait and see if any consolidation happens at this level and break the higher and higher pattern; you can invest in it.

How Much Will UPST Stock Be Worth In 10 Years?

As per fintechzoom stock analysisUPST stock will have a chance to perform well in the long-term forecast, and we can predict $160.23 in the next ten years.

FAQ's - fintechzoom upst stock price prediction

UPST stock is trading today at $24.15, increasing by +2.72% from yesterday’s close price. We can predict that it will break the previous day’s high, and the UPST price target for tomorrow is $26.04.

According to our fintechzoom data and technical analysis, UPST’s stock price target is $32.19 in 2024.

Disclaimer: Hello traders/Investors, the above information is not financial advice or an investment suggestion. Please do your research before investing.

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