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Let’s have a short intro about GM company before we enter the fintechzoom GM stock price prediction data.

General Motors(GM) introduction and overview

General Motors (GM) isn’t just a car company; it’s a powerhouse driving the future of transportation. 🌟 With over a century of rich history, GM has grown into a global leader, crafting not only vehicles but also shaping the very landscape of mobility.

From sleek electric cars to rugged trucks, GM’s diverse portfolio caters to every driver’s needs.

  1. GM’s Business: 🚗 GM makes cars, trucks, and SUVs under brands like Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick. It’s also exploring electric ⚡ and self-driving cars 🤖.

2. How They Earn Money: 💰 GM sells vehicles to people and businesses, offers financing, sells parts, and ventures into new tech like electric cars and ride-sharing 🚕.

3. What They Build: 🏭 GM makes a wide variety of vehicles, from small cars 🚗 to big trucks 🚚 and luxury SUVs 🚙. They’re also big on electric ⚡ and self-driving tech.

4. Company History: 📜 GM started in 1908 and has been a leader in the car industry ever since. They’ve faced challenges but always adapted, making them one of the biggest car companies globally 🌍.

5. Achievements: 🏆 GM has made history with innovations like the electric starter in 1912 and the launch of the first hydrogen fuel cell car in 2007. They’re also known for safety 👍 and sustainability efforts 🌱.

General Motors(GM) Company Profile & History

Aspect Description
📅 Founded September 16, 1908
👥 Founders William C. Durant
🏢 Industry Automotive
📍 Headquarters Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
🛠️ Products Automobiles, Trucks, Electric Vehicles, Automotive Parts
👩‍💼 Key People Mary Barra (Chairman and CEO)
💰 Revenue (FY 2023) US$171.84 billion
💼 Operating Income (FY 2023) US$9.30 billion
💹 Net Income (FY 2023) US$10.13 billion
📈 Ticker Symbol GM
🏛️ Listed Exchanges New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
🌐 Website

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price chart Historical analysis

fintechzoom gm stock
fintechzoom gm stock price chart Image Credits: TradingView

It’s important to know GM price history analysis before making any investing decisions in GM stock.

GM stock was listed at $35 in November 2010 and reached a high of $39.48 in just three months. That’s a good growth of 11% from the beginning. 

But then things took a turn. Within 8 months, GM stock decreased almost below its listing price, which is $25.17.That’s a massive -35% drop from its previous year’s high. GM’s current price is $45.25, and the all-time high is $67.21.

With such surprising highs and lows, it’s complex to forecast where GM is headed next.

But don’t worry! We will provide you with detailed fintechzoom GM stock price predictions for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Not only that will provide GM stock price targets year-wise. Also will give some insights to buy GM stock now or not.

fintechzoom gM stock financials & valuations

Valuation Metric Value
Market Cap $51.58 B
Revenue (ttm) $171.84 B
Net Income (ttm) $10.13 B
Shares Out 1.14 B
EPS (ttm) $8.21
P/E Ratio 5.55
Dividend 0.12
Ex-Dividend Date June 7,2024
Volume 7.92 M

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Prediction 2024,2025,2027,2030,2040,2050 & 2055! 🚀

GM stock is trading at $45.21 today, down 33.13% from its all-time high of $69.21. So, GM stock broke the previous important resistance at $40.91 and will continue to rise until it reaches the next resistance level, $50.32.

The price target for 2025 is $61.05, a +52.35 % increase from the current level.

Finetechzoom’s forecast system shows that the fintechzoom GM stock price will reach $54.98 from the current price level in the current year,$61.05 in 2025,$85.05 in 2026, $103.05in 2027, $129.64 in 2028, $142.35 in 2029, and $159.06 in 2030.

Finetchzoom SQ stock price targets in 2024,2025,2030,2035,2040,2050, and 2055 are listed in the table below.

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Prediction for 20 years

Year GM Price Target Percentage Change
2024 $54.98 22.18%
2025 $61.05 35.67%
2026 $85.05 88.33%
2027 $103.05 128.99%
2028 $129.64 188.09%
2029 $142.35 216.33%
2030 $159.06 253.47%
2035 $362.05 704.56%
2040 $693.07 1441.27%
2050 $1739.06 3764.58%
2055 $3875.37 8538.49%

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Prediction 2024

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2024 Change
2024 $110.02 55.01%

GM stock price was $35.64 at the start of 2024. Today, it is $45.21, which means the price has increased by 28.24%

Based on fintechzoom analysis, the GM stock price will be $54.98 by the end of the current year, and the year-to-year change will be +54.28%.

Fintechzoom GM Short-term Forecast

    • May 15 – $47
    • June 15 – $53
    • July 15 – $55
    • August 15 – $50
    • September 15 – $52
    • October 15 – $59

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Prediction 2025

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2025
2025 $61.05

The Fintechzoom price algorithm forecasts that GM stock price will reach $61.05 by 2025. We expect a +35.67% increase in the price of GM stock (GM: NYSE) in one year.

Below, I have provided a GM stock price forecast for the next four years, between 2026 and 2029.

Year Forecasted fintechzom GM Stock Price Target Change
2026 $85.05 88.33%
2027 $103.05 128.99%
2028 $129.64 188.09%
2029 $142.35 216.33%

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Forecast 2026

GM price will start at $61.04 in 2026 and reach $72.04 by mid-year. We can expect the stock price to reach $85.05 by the end of 2026, representing a +88.33% increase in the next two years.

Fintechzoom GM Stock Forecast 2027

According to fintechZoom data, GM stock price will reach $103.05 by 2027, a +128.99% increase from GM stock price in the next three years.

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price predictions 2028

Fintechzoom forecast analysts expect that GM’sexpects that GM’s stock price target is $129.64 in 2028, which is up +188.09 % from the present price in the coming four years.

Fintechzoom General Motors(GM) Stock predictions 2029

Fintechzoom data and technical analysis forecast that the GM target price will be $142.35 in 2029, +216.33% up from the current price in the next five years.

GM Stock Price Prediction 2030

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2030 Change
2030 $159.06 253.47%

The GM stock price in the next five to six years means that in 2030, it will be on a strong uptrend and could reach $159.06. We Predicted a +253.47 % uptrend in the GM price over a six-year timeline.

Also, GM stock prices are forecasted below the following four-year timeline from 2031 to 3034.

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction between 2031 - 2034
2031 $164.03
2032 $239.07
2033 $252.96
2034 $360.08

GM Stock Price forecast 2035

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2035 Change
2035 $362.05 704.56%

The Fintechzoom stock analysis system predicts good upside momentum for GM’s stock price. Because there has been an increasing demand for electric cars in recent times, it will continue to grow exponentially. 

That directly helps GM stock. So, fintechzoom GM stock’s long-term forecast price is $362.05 after 10 years.

GM Stock Price Prediction 2040

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2040 Change
2040 $693.17 1441.27%

The GM stock price prediction for the next 15 years is $693.17. We can expect an incredible rise in GM stock prices in the next 15 years.

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Prediction 2050

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2050 Change
2050 $1739.06 3764.58%

Fintechzoom GM Stock Price Prediction 2055

Year  GM Stock Price Prediction 2055 Change
2055 $3875.37 8538.49%

Can General Motors (GM) Stock Price Reach $1000?

As per fintechzoom GM stock price predictionIt will reach near the $1000 level, which is $693.07, in 2040. So we expect this target price to be in the very long term.

Is GM (GM: NYSE) stock A Good Stock To Invest in Now?

Yes, it is a good stock, current year, GM stock started at $35, and today’s stock price is $45.21 with a decent +28.23% increase in price. 

Not only that, it brought the important resistance level to $40.21, So We can expect a nice bullish rally in the coming years.

How Much Will GM Stock Be Worth In 10 Years?

As per fintechzoom stock analysisGM stock will have a chance to perform well in the long-term forecast, and we can predict $362.05 in the next 10 years.

Frequently asked questions- fintechzoom GM stock price.

What Will The GM Stock Forecast Be Tomorrow?

GM stock is trading today at $45.21, increasing by +0.33% from yesterday’s close price. We can predict that it will break the previous day’s high, and the GM price target for tomorrow is $26.04.

What Will The GM Stock Price Target Be For 2024?

According to our fintechzoom data and technical analysis, GM’s stock price target is $54.98 in 2024.

Disclaimer: Hello traders/Investors, the above information is not financial advice or an investment recommendation. It is my personal experience and educational purpose only. Please consult your financial advisor to invest before in any stocks.

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