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Welcome😍 to another great👍🏻 potential stock SQ stock price prediction article of It will break down all the important key points, Fundamental data, Technical analysis, and stock insights of SQ stock.

And will also forecast fintechzoom sq stock price predictions in the coming years, that is, SQ stock price predictions for 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2055.

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    • Why should I invest in this stock?
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    • Is SQ stock is good investment or not?

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Before jumping into fintechzoom sq stock price prediction, You should know the short introduction of SQ stock, products and its business model.

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SQ company introduction and its history

🚀 Get ready to revolutionize how you handle money with Block, Inc.(SQ), the game-changer in finance and technology! 💳 Founded by none other than Jack Dorsey, the genius behind Twitter, Block, Inc.(SQ) is all about making payments a breeze for businesses and individuals alike.

Imagine accepting card payments with ease using Square Point of Sale or effortlessly sending money to friends and family with the Cash App. That’s the power of Block, Inc.(SQ)!

With its innovative approach and skyrocketing growth, Block, Inc.(SQ) is not just another company—it’s a beacon of opportunity in the ever-evolving world of finance.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking seamless payment solutions or want to stay ahead in the digital economy, SQ is your ticket to financial freedom.

Don’t miss out on the future of finance—jump on board with SQ today and watch your financial world transform! 🌟💰

fintechzoom SQ comapany details & overview

Aspect Description
📅 Founded February 2009
👥 Founders Jack Dorsey, Jim McKelvey
🏢 Industry Financial Technology (Fintech), Mobile Payments, Software
📍 Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S.
🛠️ Products Square Point of Sale, Cash App, Square Capital, Square Online
👩‍💼 Key People Jack Dorsey (CEO), Amrita Ahuja (CFO)
💰 Revenue (FY 2023) US$21.92 billion
💼 Operating Income (FY 2023) US$768.33 million
💹 Net Income (FY 2023) US$9.77 million
📈 Ticker Symbol SQ
🏛️ Listed Exchanges New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
🌐 Website

fintechzoom SQ stock price history chart

🚀 Before we get into Fintechzoom’s SQ price forecast, let’s glance at its past performance. SQ started powerfully, listed in the market in November 2015 at $11 a share.

SQ stock is listed at $11 and consolidated in the range of $15, and the low was $8 for one year. In January 2017, a breakout breakout happened, and the stock reached a high of $101.15 in just 18 months. That’s a massive growth of 748% from when it first started. 

Fintechzoom SQ stock
Fintechzoom SQ stock price chart ,Image Credit:TradingView

But then things took a turn. Within six months, SQ stock decreased almost where it started, near its listing price.

That’s a massive 65% drop from its previous year’s high. SQ’s current price is $71.60, and the all-time high is $289.23.

With such dramatic highs and lows, it’s hard to predict where SQ is headed next. But don’t worry! Join us as we are into the twists and turns of its journey and try to uncover what the future holds.

Get ready for a thrilling ride – let’s explore together! 🌟

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Financial statements

Metric Value
Market Cap $44.18 B
Revenue (ttm) $21.92 B
Net Income (ttm) $9.77 M
Shares Out 556.5 M
EPS (ttm) $1.80
P/E Ratio 94.96
Dividend SQ doesn't pay dividend
Ex-Dividend Date SQ doesn't pay dividend
Volume 6.61 M

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Price Prediction 2024,2025,2027,2030,2040,2050 & 2055! 🚀

SQ stock is trading at $71.60 today, down 75.13% from its all-time high of $289.23. So, we can expect consolidation at this level. It will take time to decide whether it will break out or break down.

In this case, if the breakout happens, it tested previous swing highs three times, so chances are high that it will break out of the $83.09 level. The price target for 2025 is $139.05, a +94.35 % increase from the current level.

Finetechzoom’s forecast system shows that the fintechzoom SQ stock price will reach $110.02 from the current price level in the current year,$139.05 in 2025,$228.05 in 2026, $321.05in 2027, $479.64 in 2028, $543.35 in 2029, and $619.06 in 2030.

Finetchzoom SQ stock price targets in 2024,2025,2030,2035,2040,2050, and 2055 are listed in the table below.

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Price prediction

Year SQ Price Target Percentage Change
2024 $110.02 55.01%
2025 $139.05 95.77%
2026 $228.05 221.48%
2027 $321.05 352.39%
2028 $479.64 575.63%
2029 $543.35 664.01%
2030 $619.06 771.08%
2040 $2135.07 2916.89%
2050 $4217.06 5850.08%
2055 $5329.37 7388.27%

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Price Prediction 2024 & Short Term price prediction​

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2024 Change
2024 $110.02 55.01%

SQ stock price was $75.50 at the start of 2024. Today, it is $71.15, which means the price has decreased by -5.17%

Based on fintechzoom analysis, the SQ stock price will be $110.02 by the end of the current year, and the year-to-year change will be +55.02%.

Fintechzoom SQ Short-term Forecast

      • Wednesday, May 8 – $70
      • Thursday, May 9 – $72
      • May 15 – $68
      • June 15 – $72
      • July 15 – $73
      • August 15 – $78
      • September 15 – $83
      • October 15 – $89

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Price Prediction 2025

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2025
2025 $139.05

The Fintechzoom algorithm forecasts that the SQ stock price will reach $139.05 by 2025. We expect a +95.77% increase in the cost of SQ stock (SQ: NYSE) in one year.

Below, I have provided a SQ stock price forecast for the next four years, between 2026 and 2029.

Year Forecasted fintechzom SQ Stock Price Target Change
2026 $228.05 221.48%
2027 $321.05 352.39%
2028 $479.64 575.63%
2029 $543.35 664.01%

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Price Forecast 2026

SQ’s price will start trading at $141.04 in 2026 and reach $198.04 by mid-year. We can expect the SQ stock price to reach $228.05 by the end of 2026, representing a +221.98% increase from its current level over two years between 2024 and 2026.

Fintechzoom SQ Forecast 2027

According to fintechzoom forecast data, SQ stock price will reach $321.05 by 2027, a 352.39% increase from SQ stock price in the next three years.

Block inc.(SQ) Stock Price prediction 2028

Fintechzoom forecast analyst is suggesting that the SQ stock price target is $479.64 in 2028, which is up +575.63% from the present price in the coming four years.

SQ Stock Price Forecast 2029

Fintechzoom data and technical analysts forecast that the SQ target price will be $543.35 in 2029, +664.01% up from the current price in the next five years.

Fintechzoom SQ Stock Price Prediction 2030

SQ stock price in the next five to six years means that in 2030, it will be on a bullish trend and could reach $619.06. We Predicted a +771.08 % uptrend in the SQ price over a six-year timeline.

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2030
2030 $619.06

Also, SQ stock prices are forecasted below the following four-year timeline from 2031 to 3034.

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction between 2031 - 2034
2031 $724.03
2032 $839.07
2033 $1152.96
2034 $1260.08

SQ Stock Price Prediction 2035

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2035
2035 $1735.23

The Fintechzoom SQ stock analysis system predicts reasonable upside momentum for SQ stock price. Because digital payment services have increased incredibly in various ways in recent times, they will continue to grow exponentially. 

That directly helps SQ stock. So, fintechzoom SQ stock’s long-term forecast price is $1735.23 after 10 years.

Block Inc.(SQ) Stock Price Prediction 2040

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2040
2040 $2135.07

SQ’s stock price prediction for the next 15 years is $2135.07. We can expect an incredible rise in SQ stock prices in the next 15 years.

SQ Stock Price forecast 2050

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2050
2050 $4217.06

SQ Stock Price Predictions2055

Year  SQ Stock Price Prediction 2055
2055 $5329.37

What Is The Block Inc. (SQ) Stock Price After Ten Years?

10 years is a long period in the stock market. Based on fintechzoom SQ stock analysis, we can expect a tremendous increase in SQ stock. SQ’s stock price could be worth approximately $1735 in the coming 10 years.

Timeline Target Year SQ Price Forecast
1 Year 2025 $139.05
2 Years 2026 $228.05
3 Years 2027 $321.05
5 Years 2029 $543.35
10 Years 2034 $1632
15 Years 2039 $1955

Will SQ Stock Recover In 2024?

Yes, SQ stock will recover in 2024. SQ stock price is now at $71.48, and it’s trading at the upper side trendline. If it could break the trend line, SQ stock price target 1 will be $ 80, and target 2 will be $86 in 2024.

Can SQ stock reach $1000$?

There is no short answer for this now, but in the stock market, anything is possible; based on the fintechzoom technical chart pattern, SQ stock price is in consolidation to an uptrend in the short term.

After that, it can be volatile in the bullish trend. SQ may reach $1000 or more, but in the long term, at least we can expect it in the coming ten years.

Is SQ stock safe to buy?

Based on our forecast of the SQ stock price, SQ is a perfect stock to buy or invest in because its share price may increase by +664% in just five years.

FAQ's : SQ stock Price Forecast

Yes, SQ’s price may go up; it is currently trading at $71.32, and it is at trendline resistance; if it breaks, it may be in a bullish trend.

The SQ stock price target in 2030 can be between $589 and $619, with a forecast of +771% up.

SQ price needs to rise +7388.27% from the present stock price to reach $5000. it may be possible in 15 or 20 years.

Yes, SQ may reach $1000 but Which may be possible in the long-term timeline.

Yes, the SQ price may go up. It is currently trading at 71.34, and it is right now at the support level from which it can bounce.


Disclaimer: Hello traders/Investors, the above information is not financial advice or an investment suggestion. Please do your research before investing.

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